Wednesday, February 05, 2014

First Kiss 35 years today

Yep! February 3rd 1979, 35 years ago Del kissed Al on the stage of the village hall in Shoreham Kent, going to youth club. We danced to "Three times a lady" by the Commodores, our first dance together. Alright you can put your hankies away now.. 

We set ourselves a task today to sort out our phones and internet signals as our contracts had run out..We have been looking round at all the deals in the January Sales and they have been very good and some lower that what we are paying at the moment. So we had a chat with Vodafone and we had a lot of claret as we have been with them 18 years, and it paid off. We got a new phone Sim tariff with double the minutes and unlimited texts and 1Gb for the internet on the move, for £2.00 less a month than we're paying now and only on a 12 month plan.....result.
As for the dongle we decided to stay with Vodafone as they still have 2G on their network and we have never not been able to get a signal. They kept our rate the same and gave us more Gb, they also threw in a new wifi dongle which is faster and 4G ready. As we were loyal customers and we had decided to stay with them they gave us a credit which will come off the next bill and also gave us 3 months unlimited internet on the phone, Thank you Vodafone!!!
Then just to top it all we have been given a HTC Desire S phone by Bernie and Sarah so we are slowly getting up to date.. Happy with our lot and a lot better off we decided to celebrate our special day, so we went down to Frankie and Bennys for a nice meal reminiscing about the last 35 years and that first kiss. We went for the cheaper menu which was £11.95 for two courses and a extra £2.00 for a third course which we had. When we got the bill we then found out it was Manic Monday Madness where they take 25% off the total bill... For our food we had three courses for £10.00 each, what an end to a perfect day..  and here's to the next 35 years!!!


nb Chance said...

Congratulations both, Al you haven't changed a bit! Del we would never have recognised you! Only Joking, Have a great day xxxx

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Hello you two lovebirds, we send our congratulations to you both, better late than never eh! Lovely pic of you btw.