Monday, October 28, 2013

Taking a Chance

We had a bit of a dilemma this morning.. The weather didn't look good in the afternoon and the Grand Prix was on early in the morning.. do we move and watch the highlights or watch it live and risk getting wet.. We chose to get wet.. It was great to see the race and Vettell wining the world championship.. but the sun had now gone in and heavy showers were on the horizon. Still we set off...
The wind at this point was gale force at times so we set up Cropredy lock and fired Derwent6 into it.
The next problem we had was getting out as the leaves were so bad where the winds had blown them down. We had to clear the prop a few times, but made steady progress to Slat Mill..
Things were all going well then the heavens opened.. and to make it worse we hit a canoe race. We had trouble getting onto the lock moorings as there were loads of canoes getting in and out of the water..
We got through the next lock and looked behind us where we could see then all coming at us again.... they had turned round. One guy had decided he was going to pass us on the right from behind and nearly got squashed and as his paddle went into the side of Derwent6 he got a mouthful from Del... Silly Sod!
It then showered on and off and when the sun was out it was lovely..
We were surprised that when we got into Banbury it was empty of boats but full of canoeists, in fact we moored just before the finish line...

It was then a case of battening down the hatches and making sure everything would stay on the roof, as the wind was picking up..  We managed to get telly so Al could settle down to her Strictly.

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Ann nb Oakfield said...

Hello you two, have you put that Numbrella to good use yet?
Who do you think will win 'stricktly' then?
Take care.