Monday, October 07, 2013

Al's New Chopper

We were up early in this lovely warm weather we are having, Mmmm October and in T Shirts. Del looked at the food processor which packed up yesterday and it was just worn out so we needed a new one. Al had decided she would go into town and get one while Del did the porthole liners on Derwent6. She came back with a nice little one and when we tried it, guess what it didn't work.. You can't get quality in this country anymore, who tests these things before they go on the shelves. So she ended up walking back to change it, in fact she got a different one all together. So we now have a Russel Hobbs Mini Chopper.
As you can imaging Al was not happy having walked to Banbury twice but it was worth it as we got a nice discount on our new processor. Del had done all the domestic chores while Al was away so we could relax a little when she got back.. We had our Shepard's Pie and the lamb joint got chopped up nicely. Yummie as we watched the football in the evening..

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