Thursday, October 10, 2013

Four hundred houses and maybe a new marina at Banbury

We were woken up this morning by a lot of talking going on over the other side of the canal here at Banbury.. There were about eight guys all discussing what to do about the bridge which will go over the canal here for a 400 housing development and a possible new marina on the towpath side between bridges 170 and 171.. yes it looks like it is going to happen. Heavy discussions between CART and the builders were taking place and how access would be achieved. We watched them over breakfast..
There are plans here for a 400 houses to be going in called the canalside development and a rumor that a Marina is also planned... All we can say is that the guys having their early morning meeting walked all over both sides of the canal here and the plans for the houses are only on one side Hmmmm...
Planning has been granted for this development so it could start anytime soon.. We have been informed that a temporary bridge will be constructed to get the heavy plant over to the towpath side of the canal.. Watch this space!

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