Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cake and Country

We were up early as Al wanted to go shopping in Banbury and had to catch a bus at 10.00am.. She managed to pick up a few Christmas presents and some goodies while Del looked after the fort.  The weather turned a bit in the afternoon so we chilled with the fire roaring in the corner..  We were also invited round by Chas and Ann on n.b Moore2life for a cup of tea and some lovely walnut cake. We had a nice chat and made the decision to go up the pub in the evening as there was a band playing at 9.00pm..
We all met up at 8.00pm and walked up to The Red Lion pub. After a few drinks we were all singing along to the sounds of country, we had a great night in good company..


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I had lost your blog, I thought you had stopped posting but your back on the feed again now.

Jacquie said...

Hi Del & Al, oh thanks so much, it's really, really nice to hear from you, and way to long since we last met up. Yes it's a shame about us, but that's life, and so you find a way forward. If you have the will & desire ( patience ) I'd suggest a glass of wine to hand, re - cap the 4 or 5 blogs, I'm catching up on them myself. But you'll be pleased to know things are on the up now. And I've travelled loads alone since then, in fact I'm just totalling the figures now Saltisford Warwick - Hawkesbury - Saltisford Warwick - Stratford upon Avon - Rowington = 120 miles, 147 locks, single style (as in Gangham ) only got the Hatton 21 before winter closure. Easy Peasy. Al I know your family has not been to well, and you've made many visits, I do hope things start to be better there too for you. Regards to Del, and I do so hope it's not to long before we catch up again. And I'm doing good myself now thanks.