Friday, October 11, 2013

Life's Up's and Down's

Phew! we have had a weekend of it..
We went down to Kent on Saturday as we had a dinner dance to go to which was arranged by Del's Brother Cliff at his pub... We got the train down to London and then on to Al's Mum and Dad's.. We saw them for a couple of hours before going on to see Hannah's new place in Chatham. It was right next to the Dockyard and had some lovely views. After that we moved on to see her Mum and Dad, Bernie and Sarah and it was there we got ready for the evening.. We met up with a load of family and friends and had a lovely meal and danced the night away in our posh gear.. We went back to Bernie and Sarah's for the night..
On Sunday we had a nice breakfast and then Al went shopping with Sarah and Del went gliding with Bernie.. We met up at lunchtime and were then treated to a lovely Sunday Lunch with them both. Thanks guys!  We then watched the Grand Prix and Al watched Strictly before heading back to her Mum and Dad's... Monday was a clear up day as we still have loads of stuff (and it is just stuff) in the loft to sort out.. We went through some boxes and sorted out three piles of keep, chuck and charity shop.. We loaded it in the car and took the good stuff to the charity shop via the tip... A good job done..
Tuesday was a very sad day for us as we had a funeral to go to. Our nephew Nathan's (Al's sister's son) wife Sev had passed away aged 31, you all might remember us going to their wedding. Al's Dad Alf and Al decided they would go, and to make things easier Del stayed and looked after Al's Mum. They got back home at around 4.00pm and we all drowned our sorrows for the evening. We did get some good news!  Our nephew Dale ( Del's sister's son) has a new born baby boy called Finley and Mum Fiona and baby are doing fine, blimey our emotions!!!
On Wednesday, Al had a doctors appointment to go to so we linked it in with getting the train back to Derwent6. We arrived home at 2.00pm after doing some food shopping and having some lunch in Morrison's. It was definitely more chilly in the Midlands than the south and we toyed with lighting the fire but just put the heating on for a hour instead... We had an early night exhausted!!
On Thursday it was nice to be on our own again pondering over the last few days and we must also have felt the cold as it wasn't long before the fire was roaring in the corner.
Del soon got to work on tidying up Derwent6 and of course the brasses. Al was eager to get to the shops and get the new Bridget Jones book while posting a few things.. We watched the telly in the evening pondering over moving tomorrow or not as the wind has got up here...


Jill, Matilda Rose said...

It shouldn't ever happen at that age but, tragically, sometimes it just does ... horrid, horrid, horrid.

Which way are you going from Banbury given the two week stoppages at Cropredy?

Del and Al said...

Thanks Jill, heading back up the Oxford x