Friday, November 02, 2012

Sampling the Ale's at Foxton

On Tuesday we set off after a bit of breakfast, it was a lovely morning but was a bit cold.
 At Welford lock we spotted a few crab apples so Bernie picked them up for us.
We made our way up to Foxton and soon got to Husband Bosworth tunnel. It had been very busy, but we were lucky enough not to meet any other boats through the tunnel.

It was then just the leaves slowing us down a bit, but we got to the top of Foxton Locks in good time.
It was busy there as the lock keeper had to close the locks early and it ended up with nine boats waiting to get down in the morning. In the afternoon we walked all round the locks checking out the progress made with the lottery funding. They still need another seven million to complete it but it is still a great attraction.
It wasn't long before Del and Bernie were in Bridge 61 sampling their strong ciders. Al and Sarah met them at 7.15pm and then we walked over to the Foxton Locks Inn for some grub. It was a lovely evening again as we all staggered up the hill back to Derwent6.

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Lisa said...

I feel as if you are in my back garden and I am not allowed out to play. We hope to be at Debdale next week, will you both still be in the area? Do try The Black Horse at Foxton village.
NB What a Lark