Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A water and washing day

We stayed put on Monday due to the poor weather, so decided to go early today. We left at 8.10am with a red sky and took the turn towards Braunston.
We got to the tunnel with no problems thanks to the Axion Prop which shook off the leaves. In the tunnel we got a hundred metres to the end when another boat entered the tunnel. Still, we managed to pass OK.
The good thing was that meant all the locks were in our favour and we made good time into Braunston (not that we were in any hurry).
We then filled with water and got chatting to a few people who we normally see over the winter period. We left at midday and headed towards Rugby.
It seems to be exceptionally warm for this time of year and with the wind behind us things were going well. Al even managed to get two loads of washing done...
We passed the new Hillmorton Whalf with it's new Canal shop. They were advertising diesel at 88p so we will be taking a walk down there tomorrow to check it out.
We moored up just before the locks at Hillmorton as we felt we had done enough for one day.
It was still warm and we had a load of gnat's flying outside the side window, something we have never seen in November. As the temperature dropped we lit the fire to snuggle down for the night.

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