Friday, November 02, 2012

Hammer to Fall on Hallowen

We left Foxton early as heavy rain was forecast for about 1.00pm. It was a bit cold and very windy but it didn't stop us enjoying our bacon sarnies on the go.
The wind had put a lot of boaters off and it was very quiet, so we made good time. We got to the tunnel where the water was a bit shallow, probably due to all the boats going down the locks this morning at Foxton.
We got to the Welford arm again and had to make a tricky turn in the strong wind. Del wanted to turn and then reverse up before we moored. We had to pin in and Del got the mallet out to hammer them in, but his hands were so cold that it slipped out his hands, whacked against Derwent6, and fell in the cut..
We were all laughing, but it could have been nasty. Del got the magnet out and Bernie started fishing for it. It wasn't long before it was recovered.
We were all pleased to be huddled round the fire when we came in, as the rain came lashing down. Al then cooked us a lovely Halloween dinner which we had with some old reminiscing songs.
The girls then watched Strictly and Dallas, while the boys played pc games.   

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