Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thrupp Return

It was a nice start to the day and Hannah hadn't surfaced yet. We quickly looked to see if the Thames was on red and it was. The weather was due to get worse in the afternoon so we made the decision to get water and turn round. It wasn't long before we got to the water point and it was a fast tap so it didn't take long to fill.
We got on our way and through the first of three locks before clouds started to threaten us. As we got to Duke's cut it poured down for about ten minutes which must have put the Thames back on red.
The red boards were showing at Dukes Cut winding hole. It was funny as we made our way back because we could see rain showers either side of us but we were in bright sunshine. We did manage to knock the chimney off on one of the bridges but luckily it fell back onto the roof. We picked up a bit of wood at one of the locks that we spotted on the way down and when we turned up back at Thrupp, our 14 day mooring was still there..Touch!
We then chilled out for the rest of the day and Del then never got a peep out the girls as they were deep into their books.


Flotsam said...

Thrupp is one of my favourite stretched of canals in Oxfordshire. One good thing about the rain is that there are less people like me cluttering up the tow path!

nb AmyJo said...

Reading 50 Shade of Grey by any chance? ;-)
Warmest regards
Steve & Chris