Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boss in London

We were up early this morning again as we had a train to catch. We left Hannah in bed and got the 10.00am train into London. The weather wasn't good so welly's were required as we were going to the Hard Rock Calling concert in Hyde Park. When we arrived it was strange that there were no queues.
We were there to see Bruce Springsteen so made our way to the main stage where we managed to get a good position with all the early entries. So that was where we stayed for six and a half hours till the Boss came on at 7.00pm. We did see four other bands including Lady Antebellum, and John Fogerty of Clearance Clearwater Revival.
Was it worth it? Wow it was just fantastic Brucccccceeeeee came on for three and a half hours and ended up playing with Paul McCartney, a real treat.

No-one wanted to go home in the end and they ended up turning the sound down on the band and then in the end turning their mics off so Bruce couldn't even say goodbye to everyone!
We then had the queues to contend with and had to walk back to the station, we just about made the last train back to Derwent6.
Hannah was waiting up for us when we got back and we all ended going to bed at 2.00am...

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