Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Full Day Cruising

It was a lovey day for a change so we thought we would just cruise..
We made our way through Thrupp and back out in to the countryside.
It had rained hard over night and we soon got to Shipton weir lock where we meet the River Cherwell.
 The flow was strong but we were into stream so it just seemed like a bit more hard work.
When we got to Baker's lock we met Chas and Ann on n.b Moore2life so we stopped for a quick chat.
We then pushed on through Enslow, Lower Heyford and Aynho where the weather had got a lot worse. As we approached Aynho Weir lock we noticed two boats in there. As we got closer we noticed that both boats were jammed. As we moored up on the lock landings it started to rain. The guys wanted us to ram the boat that was half out the lock, to try and push it back in, "but that wasn't going to happen", Del said. First all five blokes tried pulling it with Al on the engine flat out in reverse, but that didn't move it.
Then we tried a hire boat pulling it, but that didn't work either. So it was a call to The Canal and River Trust.
There were now seven boats waiting to come down. CRT turned up after half a hour with a winch and cable and rigged it up to one of the bollards. It came free within seconds, amazing.
By this time it was pouring down and we decided not to move, and Al had got the dinner on anyway, so Del helped the seven boats through. We ended up having a late night watching a film on telly


Adam said...

I can just imagine Del's face when they asked him to ram that boat...!

nb AmyJo said...

And I can just imagine his exact words, not printable of course :-)

Del and Al said...

Adam & are both spot on lol !!

The Grumpy Porter said...

Tell me I've never been through that lock, are tow boats supposed to go through together? It does not look as if they should.

Del and Al said...

Hi Grumpy Porter, usually only one boat, but two boats under 60ft can just about fit. These were 60ft and 62ft so no chance!

The Grumpy Porter said...

Thanks for that info