Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dorchester to Beale

We started the morning with a walk into Dorchester and was lucky enough to see that the Abby was open.
It is such a lovely village and well worth the walk. The Abby was fantastic and we spent longer in there than we thought we would.
We then walked up to The Co-Op and picked up some provisions before walking back to Derwent6. We set off about 11.30am and the weather was just fantastic, not a cloud in the sky.
We soon passed through Wallingford where we saw n.b Rock and Roll and n.b Seyella.  It was so nice we just wanted to keep going with the sun and a gentle breeze in our face's.
We carried on through Goring lock, a place we must go and see it looks so pretty.
We ended up stopping at Beale Park where we got another nice spot with lovely views. We soon got out the BBQ and had our burgers, after our washing had dried of course......

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