Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh! to be back on the Thames

As promised,  we were off our mooring early, and dropped in to the waterpoint, just to have a top up. We then took a slow plod down to Duke's Cut where we turned sharp right and joined the Thames.
The boards had just come off red and it took a bit of getting used to at first but we soon started to get the hang of it again. It felt like Derwent6 was using all the Thames to get round some of the bends. We entered King's Lock and were advised about the low bridges and strong currents in places.
It was a lovely feeling motoring down stream at idle, and the cruisers roaring past us.
We soon got to Oxford and just managed to get moored with a lot of reverse and some help from other boaters.
The steam is a bit of a funnel down this bit and so strong it races past you at a rate of knots. So here we are in the middle of Oxford on a Saturday night, but we were so knackered we couldn't be bothered to go out (lightweights). We just managed to get a Kentucky takeaway and crash out into bed.

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