Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh yes! we do do in the rain

We woke up to rain beating against the porthole but knew we would have to move today at some point. The barometer was rising slightly so we may have a chance. The rain turned into a fine drizzle and we made the decision to go. We had to go a mile and a half before we could wind (turn round) and after about half a mile it started to rain hard.
We don't do cruising in the rain, but there will always be a time when you have to, just like these guys cutting the grass in the wet.
We could have winded at the new marina at Barby and with the bad weather it was very tempting, but we did the right thing and carried on for another mile and winded as they had little signs saying "No Turning". With the rain, the wind picked up as well so it made turning a bit difficult but we managed it. We also spotted some more wood on the way down, so we stopped on the way back to collect it. The weather did clear up a bit on the way to Braunston. When we got there we thought it would be busy but in fact it was empty with plenty of moorings if you wanted them.
We first got water which took about a hour to fill ( Derwent6 has a big tank) and while filling Al walked up to the shop for some goodies (mainly beer), and we had some lunch. It was then round the corner for a pump out at last. The tank had gone 18 days a record for us, so no more holding it.....
We then made our way back and were going to moor in Braunston, but no chance. While we had got water and emptied our tank the moorings had all gone, they were even double breasting.
So it was on to bridge 103 towards Napton for a change over the weekend just as it started to rain again. We moored up at around 4.30pm damp from cruising all day. We just vegged in front of the fire when we stopped, we must stop over doing it!

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