Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A 50th Easter break

Yep we've been away again in this busy Del and Al life... This time it was Del's mate Bernie's 50th Birthday bash. Del has known Bernie since he was five, and was his best man, so we wouldn't miss it for the world.
We set off on Thursday and made our way down to Kent where we first went to see Al's mum and dad for a couple of hours before heading down to Steve and Erica's. We took Molly the dog out while we were there and sorted out Bernie's present, but more about that later.
On Good Friday, (Bernie's Birthday) Sarah, Bernie's wife, had arranged a bash with us all down the Neville Bull pub with a beer festival and live music and a Hog Roast. A lot of fun was had by all, trying all the Kentish ales and ciders, while Bernie opened his presents and cards on a glorious sunny day. Friends Maxine and Graham were also there and offered to take us back to their restaurant for more to eat and drink. They also had a singer singing Tina Turner. As you can imagine by this time we were all slaughtered and Bernie was singing down the aisles; he also fell out the car when we tried to get him back home. We stayed with Bernie and Sarah that night.
On the Saturday it was back down to Al's mum and dad's to sort about getting their bedroom changed round. All went well, so we went back to Bernie's and Sarah's for a take away Indian in the evening and a few more beers before we crashed out.
The boys went out Gliding on Sunday and got back about 2.30pm and Al had cooked a lovely roast dinner....we were all ready for it.
Monday we made our way over to Cliff and Lou because we wanted to see little Matty whose birthday it is tomorrow. We were also greeted with the good news that they had won some money on the Bingo! We then popped in to see Pam and Alf once more, before we got the train back to Derwent6. We got back at 6.00pm and it was nice to see the levels had come up a bit. Derwent6 was covered in pollen from the trees and looked like it was covered in confetti. It didn't feel that cold but we lit the fire anyway just to take the dampness out of the boat. It just feels so peaceful when we get back....... Al cooked a dinner and that finished us off for the day. Great Easter weekend though!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Bernie! Seen Hannah's pics on Facebook - looked hilarious!!

Hope to see you soon

Z x