Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Keeping warm in the rain

We woke up this morning to howling wind and rain and we just wanted to pull the sheets over our heads and let it rain... It's a nice feeling listening to it hitting the roof while the wind rocks you back to sleep. We had to get up as we had an invite for coffee on n.b Thema moored in front of us. They were planning to go today, but conditions said No!
We left Pat and Keith at around midday as they planned to go at the best opportunity. They took a chance with it still windy, at around 2.00pm, we hope they got on alright. We just put another log on the fire and sorted out some on-line chores we had to do. While the rain came down the highlight of the day was n.b. President and n.b. Kildare going past, one of the only steam powered boats left on the system and you will be able to see it in the pageant of the Diamond Jubilee.

We are in a position here where we now need a pump out and may have to move in the rain tomorrow as the weather doesn't look too good. In the meantime, it will be the footy tonight!     

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Anonymous said...

So jeal of you in your cosy dry boat - conservatory going tits up in all this rain - keeps flooding into the house :(. Bas completed on his flat last week and has just picked up the majority of his stuff in a van so really feels like he has gone now! Must arrange a meet up soon to celebrate the beginning of our countdown year!!
Lots of love

Z xxx