Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Baa and a Par on the towpath

It was a lovely start to the morning and Del as usual was out doing the brasses. As he was doing them some helpers turned up, they had escaped from the field two bridges up from us. So for the next couple of hours we spent the time trying to get them back in.. It has been busy here today with loads of boats moving around and it wasn't long before someone turned up we knew. It was Andy and Irene off n.b. Kamili which is the newest Fernwood boat on the water at the moment. They had family on board but stopped to have a chat. We even had the chance to have a look around, and as you can image their boat just looked fabulous. If you want to see it, it will be at The Crick show, but it will be appointment only.
They had to get off as they were meeting more family later on in the day and the weather looked like it was going to change. We then had more action on the towpath as the guy on the boat in front of us decided to play golf, yes you read it right, golf. He got his clubs and a bag of balls out and started chipping a ball along the towpath, perhaps he was learning how to find the water on the golf course, he found it a few times here.
Al then decided to clean out the cupboards and wash all the plates and dishes in them, a real spring clean. Del was lubricating the doors and hinges on Derwent6. In the evening we listened to music and watched a DVD.

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