Thursday, April 19, 2012

A new Rugby Shirt

We didn't blog yesterday as it was a very wet day (good news) so we pretty much did the same as the day before and nearly finished our books. Today is more showers and we needed to get out. Del was in need of a new pair of jeans and shirts, so Al was as pleased as punch that we were going to Rugby for the day. We got the bus at HMP here which is about 400 metres from Derwent6 and made our way to the town centre. It passes a big Sainsbury's on the way which Al will investigate later on. When we got into town Del picked up a new shirt and then we made our way to Weatherspoon's for lunch at £3.00 each. Afterwards Del picked up his jeans and Al picked up a new book to read. We posted a couple of cards before we caught the bus back. We managed to miss any showers that we had, and they had turned out to be heavy ones.
We kept the fire alight and it was very welcoming when we got back. Just as well we did because the heavens opened again as we arrived, and we could here the hailstones hitting the roof. This did however water test the leaking portholes we had, all was fine!!! It did however affect our TV signal, so we played some music till it stopped. More rain bring it on!

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