Thursday, March 10, 2011

Windy at Norton

We woke up this morning to forty mile a hour winds and so it was no go for us today, with the canal so choppy..Why should we risk it.!! We took a walk down the closed Buckby flight of locks and went to the Chandlers at Wilton marina. We noticed the new lock gates and beams had been fitted. We picked up a new loo filter and some more paint for the gunwales from the chandlers. On the walk back the BW workmen were having their tea break (as usual), and we asked when the locks would re-open. "Should still be tomorrow" was the reply... There seemed a lot of tidying up to do if they were going to fill the pounds by tomorrow. When we got back Del changed the filter and also sorted out the stern gland tube which was leaking grease.

In the evening we met up with Hilary and Andy on n.b. Masibert in the New Inn pub for a few drinks. It was lovely to catch up.

We got back to Derwent6 at around 11.15pm and it was bed for us as we wanted a early start in the morning.


Blue Point said...

We are at Weltonfield marina just up from you and it is always blowing a gale across there. Everytime you want to leave or arrive the wind almost stops you getting in or out. Its a right pain, one day we came up from Napton in lovely weather not a breath of wind came out of Braunston tunnel and a gale sprang up out of nowhere. Really struggled to get in, the wind always seems to blow from the direction of Daventry. Where are you off to, we will be at the marina and setting off end of month going up north to Skipton.

Del and Al said...

Hi both, up at Welford at the mo, but heading back your way end of the month, but heading south.....