Thursday, March 03, 2011

Five Bloggers Gosh!

We were up early and Del was up doing maintenance work. He had all the doors off Derwent6 and lubed up all the hinges and catches also the side got a polish and the brasses on the starboard side got done. Then two more top boating bloggers turned up making five of us here at Rugby.

n.b. No Problem

n.b. Moore2life

n.b.Piston broke


and little us

We decided to be the first to leave at 11.45am and only travelled about a mile and a half before we pulled over. It was bitterly cold on the tiller and it looked too inviting inside watching the chimney smoking away. Anyway it was lunchtime!!!!!

We were soon joined by Sue and Vic on n.b. No Problem and later by Chas and Ann on n.b. Moore2life. Del carried on with brasses in the afternoon and Derwent6 was soon gleaming again (till the next shower).

In the evening we listened to the radio and went to bed early, as we had an early start planned for tomorrow morning.

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