Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dog Sitting in Kent

While Derwent6 was being looked after by Pat and Keith ( Del's mum) we were down in Kent for our two weeks holiday looking after Dog Molly, two cat's and a pond full of fish for our friends Steve and Erica who went on their holiday to Florida. It gives us a break from the canals, but we must say we seem to miss it after about three days. It is also a great reminder of the chores of living in a house with things like housework, grass cutting, car cleaning etc. etc. etc............... We also take the opportunity to see as many of our friends and family as possible, in between walking the dog twice a day. It also gave us some real quality time with our god kids Tanya and Zak, who are now both driving. The whole thing kicked off with an afternoon and evening with Len (Del's Dad) as it was his 74th Birthday. We met up with Cliff and Lou, Deb, John and Dale, and Kerry. We had a lovely meal down by the seaside.

We then got the train up to London for the day with Maxine and Graham, with a walk through Hyde Park, and had lunch at Hard rock Cafe. We then proceeded to the BBC studios at Shepard's Bush as Maxine had got us tickets to see the show Frank Skinners Opinionated. If anyone watched it we were actually on it for about two seconds.

We also had a lovely time out with Bernie and Sarah, Maxine and Graham, Tanya and Hannah on a music night in Charlton.

We had another day out and were treated to another lovely meal out with friends Zoe and Greg for the help we gave them at their wedding six months ago now. Sorry we forgot the camera!!

We also had another Birthday yesterday as it was Tanya's 20th and we had another meal out at The Beeches restaurant.

We had a fabulous time while we were down and we are sorry for the people we never got round to seeing, and a big thank you to Steve and Erica for letting us use their house and car.

We really did miss Derwent6 and it was great to get back on board.

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