Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Back on Home Ground

With rain overnight the weather looked a bit iffy, but we set off with a long day planned. We made our way along the Barby Straight and were shocked that the new Barby marina is still not finished. Rumour has it that they have run out of money, but we did see a excavator working on it. Must have been the owner!!!

We then got to Barby Hill and saw bloggers Sue and Vic on n.b. no problem and long time no see Les on n.b. Valerie, so we pulled over for a hour for a chat.

Les is on cloud nine at the moment and it was so refreshing to see him so happy, with all the bad things going on round the world. He came on board for a cup of tea and a catch up, and he never stopped smiling. We said our goodbyes and we all pulled the pins and Sue and Vic followed us up to Willoughby, where we passed Chas and Ann on n.b. Moore2life We then got to old hunting grounds of the rolling pastures and the lambs playing in the fields. As we approached Braunston we passed n.b. piston broke (yep we saw them all today!!) It started to rain, well a quick shower as we passed through Braunston and we stopped and picked up some things in the Chandler's. The sun came out again and we decided to fill with water and make our way through the locks. They were all against us but we paired up with another boat and got through them quite quickly.When we got to the top we noticed all the work had now been done at the tunnel entrance, and it looked nice, but was shocked to see all that work on the towpath had still not sorted out the flooding, so you still can't walk along there without getting your feet wet.Another waste of good licence money.

We didn't meet anything in the tunnel and the wind had dropped at the other side. It was lovely cruising as the sun set on our backs. We turned at Norton Junction, and knowing Buckby Locks were closed we were amazed to see a slot to moor for the night here. Derwent6 squeezed in quite nicely. In the evening we watched Spurs show Arsenal how to get into the last eight of the Champions league.

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