Friday, September 18, 2009

What a diet...

Well today we decided we would both go on a diet....Hmmmm...So we thought we would go out for a walk and do some geocaching in the process... It took us on a lovely walk to the tunnel entrance and through the woods and to a nice find along a disused railway track... yes another disused railway track, why don't they reopen all these tracks and get the freight off our roads.... We met a lovely couple, Pete & Sue, who believe it or not came from Trosley, near to where we used to live in Kent, and on talking to them found out that 25 years ago he used to fly model gliders on Holly Hill, as did Del with his mates....He remembered a group of lads who used to always go there.....what a small world we live in, we chatted for about a hour.
We then walked to the bottom of the lock flight and found a couple more geocaches before thirst took over and we had to pop in the pub...It was a glorious day with clear blue skies so a pint and packet of crisps were on the cards...Oh blow the diet today! well we have been for a walk.... It was difficult to move in the sun and enjoyed people watching, it's been very busy here, but we managed to get back to Derwent6 to just chill out in the cratch.... We have got a good TV signal here so Al can watch Strictly, her favorite programme, and Del can watch the weekend traffic on the canal.

We like Stoke Bruerne!


Wozie said...

We passed your boat at Norton Junction and are making our way down the Oxford canal, one day we may meet again maybe!

nb Oakfield.

Del and Al said...

Hi both
Sorry we missed you! Hope everything hunky dory and you're enjoying your new life at last! See you over the winter no doubt