Monday, September 28, 2009

On to Milton Keynes

We left Cosgrove at 9.30am and made our way to the water point, passing under Solomon's bridge and through the village. We managed to do another manual pump out which we've got to say is saving us a fortune. We passed through the only lock of the day and then we crossed the Great Ouse river on the aqueduct and went into Wolverton. You pass right by the station and the moorings didn't appear that bad. There has been a lot of redevelopment here with the old factory buildings being made into apartments. We then moved on into Milton Keynes and the canal crosses some very busy roads. We did pass the odd shopping trolley and well as things made out of them, but did manage to avoid them. We found a mooring spot not far from the shopping centre so will be investigating that tomorrow. It started to feel a bit chilly so we lit the fire and played a puzzle game late in the afternoon and evening.

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