Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Changing colours

We left this morning at around 10ish and made our way down the Grand Union to Fenny Stratford lock. It was a pleasant cruise with the trees changing colour and the canal covered in a blanket of leaves. We went through Fenny Stratford lock looking for a place to moor so we could do a Tesco shop. This lock is very unusual due to the fact it has a swing bridge right through the middle of it. We were lucky enough to get a mooring at the bottom of the lock, so we shut Derwent6 down and went for a walk into the retail park just a 15 minute walk away. There is a Matalans, B & Q, and Wickes among others inc a Tesco's. After doing the shopping, Al bought too much again and yes we had to carry it back to the boat. We did it in stages by making it to the next lamp post and resting. It took us 45 mins to get back too Derwent6, with arms two inches longer. (saves joining a gym)

After some lunch we set off again and moved down to Bletchley where diesel here is 62p a litre so may fill up tomorrow. Still got 3G here so will be catching up on some bits and pieces tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Al and Del,

Pleased to see you're enjoying your 'holiday' in Milton Keynes!

Look out for the Fuller's 'cause they're everywhere there - except on the canals, as the only water they get near is brewed with hops and barley!

Will catch up with you both very soon.
Joy & Steve x

Del and Al said...

Checked the pubs on the way down, but couldn't see anyone we knew lol