Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shop till you drop!!!!

Woke up again to lovely sunshine.... We got ourselves ready and headed off to the shopping centre which is about a 25 minute walk up a slightly uphill path directly from bridge 81A, which means it's slightly downhill back with all your shopping bags. You can get the bus but we preferred the exercise. We have got a great mooring here and it felt safe leaving Derwent6.

When we got to the centre we picked up a shopping centre guide and we were surprised how much there was to do here. There is a John Lewis, Marks, and Debenhams with all the restaurants you can think of. We spent the best part of the day walking round the centre it's self and we then grabbed something to eat in Pizza Hut which had it's all you eat buffet on for £6.49....We pigged ourselves, so the diet isn't going too well.. The funniest part of the day was when the RAC man approached us about having a breakdown service and we answered "a tad difficult when you haven't got a car", "Ummmm that's right" he said laughing. Del did manage to get off his ball and chain for a bit, to get away from the shops, but Al caught him.

We then made our way to the ten screen cinema, which there are two of here, so we were spoilt for choice, but Cineworld had cheap Tuesday at £4.50 a ticket, so rude not to go there then.. We saw Bruce Willis in Surrogates, which was good, and then when we came out, we went onto the snow dome and watched them coming down the slope, with a pint of course. We then went to the freefall wind tunnel and watched them for half a hour which we've got to say looked fun, but expensive. We then walked back to Derwent6 which didn't take too long.

It has seemed a very long day today and we have had so much fun, it felt like we were on holiday, we still can't get over that this is our life.........


Anonymous said...

We must have passed you at some point - so sorry for not spotting you. We'll keep an eye out for you at the weekend, though I'm not sure whether we'll catch up with you (we're moored for the week at Old Wolverton).
Sue, Indigo Dream

Del and Al said...

Will keep an eye out for you in case you catch us up!

TT said...

Hello Folks! Ahhh always nice to see some photos of my old stamping ground! Looks like you moored up exactly where we did when we in MK earlier in the year!

Hope you enjoyed it, technically I'm following you, but I'm a long way behind! Still on the Thames, but I can't wait to get back onto the Grand Union!

Take it easy, hopefully see you around!

Toby (Wilshamstead).