Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blisworth Festival

We have both woken up with colds this morning... Sore throat, sweaty and headaches, still that never stopped us when we were working so it won't now.... After honey and lemon drinks and cereal we did a few jobs around the boat, like the pothole liners got a clean. We didn't feel like doing much after that but fancied a paper so thought a walk to Blisworth (2 miles away) would do us good. It was a easy walk taking the woodland path over a slight incline which had some interesting features on the way. This then linked up with a road which was also easy walking, following the tunnel vents into the village. We found the village store, which is like a small Co-Op and picked up some things for our colds and a newspaper of course. It was a lovely canalside village and one which you could pass by so easily and we were pleased to have checked it out. While we were walking around we noticed a poster on a lamp post which showed there was a small Music Festival on from 12.00 in the The Royal Oak pub. Rude not to have a pint or two. We had a great time and listened to the music all afternoon. We had to leave because Al didn't want to miss Strictly Come Dancing other wise we would have been there all night as well. On the walk back there were a few stalls selling fruit and veg outside their houses so we picked up some cooking apples for a pound and courgettes for 20p. When we got back to Derwent6 Al did some Fajitas which we had with telly.


Wozie said...

We walked up to The White Horse a quaint little thatched pub in Welton. There were three of these little roadside stalls selling preserves, logs and garden produce. We welcome these and really enjoyed the tasty runner beans and tomatoes that we bought.

Del and Al said...

Hi Ann
Arn't they great! Everything tastes so much better, and it's nice to support the local community!

Halfie said...

I like the village hall sign. The music festival was a good find!