Sunday, December 14, 2008

What no ice or rain...Let's Go !!

Can you believe it!! no ice and no rain, quick untie the ropes and lets get off.

We left the marina this morning after doing some small jobs like cleaning the brasses. We then filled with water and set off towards Foxton. We needed to have a pumpout, but the marina wasn't open, so we thought we would try the manual pumpout but guess what.....that didn't work. So we will have to be a bit careful about how we use the toilet!!!!!! Another job for Fernwood..

We passed Mo And Vanessa on n.b Balmaha at Foxton with a quick toot and a wave.

We got to the bottom lock at Foxton and picked up some provisions like bread and coal, and then set off up the locks. It took us about a hour and quarter to get to the top lock, but it was very easy (or so Al tells me) When we got to the top Al was taking a picture of the nice horse and then dropped her locker gloves in the canal. A good bit of reversing was required :-), but we managed to collect them.

We then moved on to bridge 59 and thought we had done enough for the day, so picked a garden with a nice view and moored up.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that there are a number of pubs on your route otherwise the wc might just get a little to much use as all your friends and family know. Joking apart good to hear all is well and you have now realy started your adventure.
all the best Erica Steve Tanya and Zak

Anonymous said...

glad to here you polished your brasses. Dad & Terryxxx

Del and Al said...

Hi All
We're having a fantastic time thanks....Warm and cosy by the wood burner still cleaning our brasses


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you guys, it is nice to see your adventure starting.
best wishesLes and Barb

Del and Al said...

Hi Les & Barb
Lovely to hear from you and glad you're following the blog. Hope you and all the family are keeping well, and hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year!
Love from us both xxx