Monday, December 08, 2008

And now the party's over

Sorry we haven't blogged for a few days but we are still getting used to 2 and 3G signals and not doing very well at getting one at the moment.
We are having trouble downloading images so can't get many pictures out to you all, but we will get there.
Here is Derwent6 suspended in mid air and all of us holding our breath. Everything went very well and the Tuckey crew done a Stirling job.
We are now recovering from our brilliant weekend (how sunny was that)
We managed to get Derwent6 in to Foxton Locks and moored up dead opposite the pub, the boat looked well cool.

We had such a good day. All our friends and family were there and we had a great time......Thank You everyone for making the day really special!

As for Derwent6 things are going well, and she swims like a fish, but we are only getting luke warm water at the moment and the water gauge has stopped working....Just teething problems.

Sorry this post is a bit short at the moment but it seems to be so busy. We still have to finish unloading the van and the lads at Fernwood are back Wednesday to finish off some things. We then need to get some food shopping, and the van goes back tomorrow. Hopefully we can then start to chill.......:-)


Bottle said...


Have you checked the thermostat ;)

The gauge is not necessary, when the water stops coming out of the taps the tank is empty.

Do you think you will stick with this boating lark. ;);)

Ratty said...

So where you going to cruise over winter?


Del and Al said...

Hi Keith and Ann

What's a thermosat ;-)

All sorted now so we're nice and clean :-)

This boating lark is just the best :-)

Del and Al said...

Hi Malc

Glad you're following the blog. Not sure yet where we're off to over Winter.....will just see where the bow takes us.