Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music day at Welford

We set off this morning at 9.00am up the Welford arm, it was a bit misty and tight in places with some fallen trees but we got through alright. We then got to Welford lock which had been invaded by sheep, who had broken through the fence and just gave us a dirty look while Al did the lock paddles.
We then turned at the marina and moored up in a good spot, but no satellite signal. While we were mooring up we got talking to the guy in the boat next to us and he informed us he was moving off tomorrow. He also said he was a Folk singer and gave us some of his CD's to download. His name is Andy Robinson and he had done some support stuff for the band we went to see in Sevenoaks "Show of Hands"...He is going to give us a list of all his gigs next year, which he does around the canal system, so watch this space.

We then had to battle our way past the swans on the towpath and one of then got a bit friendly. We then made our way into Market Harborough, and playing in the Church for Charity was the Jazz Trombone player Marcus Reynolds (http://www.marcusreynolds.com/). They had free sandwiches, cake and coffee all for a couple of quid in the donations box. Marcus had been to Foxton and saw the boat at the launch party, so he was so pleased we had taken the time out to see him in Market Harborough. It was fantastic!!


Louise &Cliff said...

looks like your getting the hang of it now so glad you are doing well the boat looks great on the water I would have loved to come up and done the Foxton locks with you but I am sure we will get a chance to do a few soon.
take care see you Monday.

Anonymous said...

Mind the paint work. But if you scratch it I know a bloke that used to work in the body repair game he also used to do the odd bit of touching up.

All the best Steve

Del and Al said...

Thanks Cliff
Yep there will be plenty of locks for you to do next year!!!
Looking forward to seeing you all Monday.

Del and Al said...

Hi Steve
There are loads of scratches to touch up already...so if you know this bloke give him a call for us...lol

les said...

Hi Del/Al
I f you could have moored opposite the marina or opposite the boat sheds the sky sattalite would have shone down on you.
Glad you`re enjoying the life and hope to meet again in the new year.
Have a good Christmas.

Del and Al said...

Hi Les
Thanks for the sattalite tip....but there was no room! Looking forward to meeting up again next year and hope you have a lovely Christmas and new year!