Saturday, December 13, 2008

There will be sunshine after rain

Woke up this morning to the wind and the rain, so pulled up the sheets and stayed put for the best part of the morning... The good news is the ice has melted and it felt a bit warmer, it was good to see the ducks swimming again and Derwent6 floating better. We did have to adjust the side fenders as the water level had changed. The heavens have opened all day and even though we really wanted to get going we don't want to get wet.

On the way out tomorrow, we will fill with water and as the marina is closed, we will also try the manual pumpout fitted to Derwent6.

We messed about with the shelf today and it now looks like this.

Here is our wet view out of Derwent6 while we were drinking coffee with the ducks looking a bit hopeful.
Ali is looking forward to being snuggled up tonight watching the Strickly and X Factor finials with a nice glass of the red stuff.


Wozie said...

it is all looking very cosy and homelike already.
Will you be christening the 'numbrella' soon Del?

Louise &Cliff said...

Well we just had steak with Mum and Dad with a couple of bottles of the red stuff and as for your blow off valve mine and Dad's are working just fine ask Mum and Lou !!!!!!!!!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Ann
Hopefully the nubrella won't have to come out the locker yet..but watch this space!

Del and Al said...

Hi Cliff
Glad we wern't there then! Keep taking the tablets...