Thursday, December 18, 2008

A cut on the cut

Today we moved off to the top of Foxton, travelling down the Welford arm. We then headed for the Husband Bosworth tunnel..

Al then took the helm......The canal then goes out into the country with beautiful scenery, we past some peculiar trees which looked like something out of Harry Potter.

We then moored up just ahead of the locks for tomorrow morning, Del polished the side and cleaned the brasses while Al cooked the evening dinner.
After dinner Del needed a haircut, so out come the chair and the clippers, started the engine and cut away....and yes, a boat did come past while we were doing it !!!!! (by the way it's two quid a cut. lol)


Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

See you tomorrow then?

Bottle said...


Did that silly little light on the front work. ;-)

If you keep polishing the paint and brass, you will wear it away.

Glad to see you are enjoying it.

Don said...

Hi Both, I look forward to a cut on the cut sometime in the future, £2 great value! Have a great Christmas and festive New Year aboard.