Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Pre Birthday weekend

After more rain yesterday it was time to battle the towpath once again. The mud has been bad again, but we had another frost and nice blue skies last night, which would make things a bit easier with a crunch under foot..

We had to put our little heater into operation and warm up the batteries before they could be charged for an hour before we left Tooty on guard for the day..
We set off to the station and got the train to Coventry and then down to Reading, and on the way we could see just how bad the flooding had been as it looked like we were back on the boat looking out the windows.
We met up with Joy and Steve who took us to their house.. We were soon greeted with nibbles and drinks and had a good catch up for the rest of the afternoon.. It was funny that Del's socks matched their stair carpet which gave us a laugh

In the evening it had been arranged that there was going to be a joint birthday party with one of us (Shelly) being 40 and the other coming up to 60 in a group of ten.. So the cake has 100 on it.. That other, by the way, is Del!
It was only a short walk from Joy and Steve's place and luckily the rain held off enough. We had a lovely Chinese, something we hadn't done for a while, and it was a very entertaining evening.. A balloon and a cake had been arranged and Del held on to his cards and presents for the big day, in a couple of weeks..

This one mind you might get opened a bit earlier..

We stayed the night and then went out for breakfast to a lovely garden centre close by.. It was full of Christmas stuff and we have to admit it did start to get us in the Christmas spirit.. The breakfast was amazing and a very good price as well.
Steve then drove us to Reading station and we got the 12.30pm train back to Derwent6.. Tooty wasn't happy with an empty bowl and a fire which had gone out, but he was very pleased to see us.. It didn't take long to get things warmed up, and we sat and caught up with Strictly and watched the football and Strictly results show later that evening.
Thanks again everyone for arranging a lovely night out and for your presents.. The big day is looming up!

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