Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Heat in the engine room

So temperatures are dropping and we thought we needed to have some form of heat in the engine room to protect the batteries..  We just needed something to take the chill off and also something that would turn on when the temperature got close to freezing..
Lithium batteries don't like being charged when they are below 5 degrees, in fact all batteries don't like the cold and don't like being charged at low temperatures, so we brought this heater..
It's only a foot in length, and only uses 40 watts. You can adjust the temperature setting and it will warm a small room, wardrobe, or airing cupboard..
It doesn't get hot, but does have to be fitted horizontally and has to be 50mm away from anything above and below it.. 
Del has made a temporary bracket to try it out in the morning (fingers crossed)

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