Sunday, September 22, 2019

Waiting for delivery

It was another lovely September day and the solar panels were already topping up the batteries...  Doug, who we saw yesterday, had stayed overnight in his campervan and met up with us at 10.00am for breakfast.
He turned up on his new electric bike and we all had to have a go.

We've got to admit we were really impressed, but to get one it needs to fit in our bike lockers and it was just too big..
We had our bacon butties with Doug and then we went back to his van and said our goodbyes..

For the rest of the day we were waiting for a delivery, but it didn't turn up till late. It was one of those football nights in for us and a early night as Al has a long day tomorrow..


Anonymous said...

I used follow the NB Chance blog and have wondered what happened to Doug and James. It was lovely to see Doug looking happy and well but where is James? x

Stuart said...

Yes is James ok?

Del and Al said...

Hi Guys, yes, it was just Doug visiting this time.....