Thursday, September 12, 2019

Day of Surprises!

We arranged to leave in the morning with John and Louise on n.b. Ploddin' Along at 9.00am. The weather wasn't brill but we took a chance and went for it..
Again it was busy with boats as we made our way into Braunston.
  We needed to get rid of our rubbish from our BBQ and while we were there we topped up with water..
As we were filling we got a nice surprise as Adam off n.b. Briar Rose turned up to meet us all. He was moored just up from us and was also getting rid of his rubbish..
We had a good catch up and then set off towards the locks..

We had timed things just right as we both were at the front of the queue and almost went straight in..
It made things so much quicker as we all knew what we were doing. Our plan was to stop at the top of the locks and go through the tunnel in the morning, but after a chat with John we decided that a good pub tea was in order for the girls has they had worked so hard.. It was now lunchtime as we approached the tunnel and we only met one boat in there..
As we came out the sun came out and we had a tip off from Adam that the moorings at Norton Junction had been extended. We both managed to get on a nice sunny spot here just before the wind got up..
We both decided that we would go down the pub at 7.00pm but first would meet on John and Louise's boat for a couple of warm up drinks..

We then walked down to the New Inn pub and had a lovely dinner, we all really enjoyed it, the only thing was the dogs couldn't come with us, because they now don't allow dogs in the pub..
We didn't have too late a night and walked back just as it got dark to our moorings and arranged to met again at 9.00am to say our goodbyes..


Adam said...

You did time it right, because loads of boats headed for the locks after you left! Really good to see you — hopefully for longer next time.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Adam, good to see you too. We guessed as much, as loads of boats came past us once we'd moored up lol. Have a good trip both...