Friday, August 09, 2019

Recovery Day

With Maxine and Graham local to us in their camper we all decided it would be good to have a relaxing day as the weather didn't look like it was going to hold up. We chilled till mid morning and then Al did some baking while Del did the brass liners inside Derwent6. Al's cheese scones and rock cakes were our lunch.
We had one big downpour, and in the heavy rain we could see Maxine, who was walking Ginny, running towards us soaked. She soon got warmed up with Al's scones and rock cakes and when there was another sunny window she made her way back to their camper..
We met up again in the evening as Stompin Dave and Sam Kelly were playing at the Brasenose. They were even joined by Richard on the spoons (which were in a special carry case).
We just had a great night as the crowds had got a little bigger as the Cropredy festival draws nearer.
We got to bed at 1.00am.

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