Thursday, January 17, 2019

Topped up to the brim

We woke up to the wind howling through the porthole windows and thinking it might be too windy to move today.. When we checked the wind was actually behind us and the temperatures were good for January so we decided to go for it..  We kept our fingers crossed through the trees in case a tree branch came down on us, but going with the wind made things a bit easier.
It turned out to be a pleasant cruise as it was still so quiet..
We spotted some friends on the way towards Newbold tunnel.

 We soon reached the aqueducts before Rugby and managed to get moored right by the bridge so we could get the shopping trolley right up to Derwent6.

 With Derwent6 full of food and drink it was time to pull over to the water point and fill the water tank and also empty the waste tank..
With that done we had the nice feeling of 'we are ready to take on the world' for a couple of weeks.. It was good to see n.b. No Problem out of the shed after the fallen tree had damaged the roof.. From a distance it looked like they had done a good job..
We carried on under the new 66A Houlton road bridge and moored on our favourite winter mooring place at Clifton..
Tooty was of in a flash as he knew the area so well..
Al had brought a cooked chicken in Tesco's and a good old Sunday roast was the order of the day for us.. This finished us off and we crashed and burned after that..

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