Sunday, January 20, 2019

Solar and Lithium Update

We have been taking to the Victron engineers, regarding us having the solar panels and maybe changing over to Lithium batteries. The first bit of bad news is that it turns out we will need a new inverter as the chip inside our Phoenix Multiplus 24/2000 won't take the latest firmware updates to work with the Lithium system..
Lets make it quite clear Derwent6 is having a new system, not just batteries. We have a 24 volt system and this won't be cheap!
So we got a quote back, and this was with one 24 volt 200Ah battery which would save on wiring, fuses and also other components..

This 24 volt battery is a lot bigger than the 12 volt batteries and we could only fit one in the place we want to fit them. So after a phone conversation we have asked for a quote on 4 x 12 volt 100Ah batteries. This will still give us the same power, but if something goes wrong in the future we hopefully only have to replace one battery at a lower cost (the price for both the 24v and 4 x 12v were almost the same..).
With this system we should be able to run our washing machine and tumble drier just on the batteries.. Watch this space!!

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