Saturday, January 12, 2019

Back Tracking

After another cold night we set off back towards Nuneaton and the rubbish in the canal.
The poor old Axion Propeller has to go through it again..

So after a steady hour dodging the bits and pieces we got through.
When you get through all this it is a very pleasant walk for everyone to take advantage of a lovely canal. We then passed all the moored boats at Starline Boats.
 It had been murky all day and at one point it tried to rain, but we pushed on back out into the countryside.

We passed the Ashby canal again and passed Miss Capt Sparrow.

The weather was holding out for us and we took the turn at Hawkesbury Junction, and whilst in the lock got rid of our rubbish.

Decision time here, but we thought we were going well and carried on. After half hour we pulled up and moored where we moored on the way up.. Good signals here!
Later as it was getting a lot colder and starting to get dark we heard a boat coming and then a toot from its horn. It turned out to be Maffi on n.b Millie M and he was freezing and said could he join us.. After we had some dinner he came round with a bottle of wine, but we are on a dry January so he sat with us and ended up drinking it on his own
We had a great catch up putting the world to right, and it was lovely to see him. Hope to see you later in the year Maffi! We got to bed at midnight!

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