Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day 2 Blacking

The alarm was set to go off at 6.00am at dawn and Del checked the hull to see if it was dry and got things ready before we both set to work.
We managed to get the first coat on in three hours and we had Mark off n.b Mochyn Du to give a little helping hand. Del then got to work on the tunnel bands and did the white section while the blacking dried..
Les came in at 10.30am with our anodes in hand and soon got to work to get them fitted.
As there was still some life left in the old ones, we now have four fitted.. At 2.00pm Derwent6 was ready for its second coat and Mark helped us get this on. This time it was a little easier and we managed to get it on in a couple of hours.. With time to spare we set on the gunwales and rubbed them down and painted them.
Del then painted the red on the tunnel band and Derwent6 was looking good.
As you can imagine we were totally knackered and again walked over to the pub for something to eat.. Sunday roast was on the cards and we bought dinner for Mark, for his appreciated help today. Back, arms, feet and hands aching we fell into bed. One more coat maybe?

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