Monday, March 09, 2015

Turning and Focus

We had a nice lay in this morning and when we did surface we had a lovely breakfast in the warm cratch.. Del got cracking on chopping up a pallet he had found and also then filling up the locker so we were loaded with wood for the next cold snap..  Al had some letters to post and sent a few parcels..
When she came back we set off to Hillmorton Al at the tiller, and then turned..
We headed back to Brownsover and we both are amazed at how quiet it is round her..
Its a lovely warm weekend and no boats, so we managed to get on our favourite mooring..  It was so lovely it was chill time and we sat in the cratch..

 In the evening we went to get something to eat at the retail park and ended up going back to Steam Turbine as we had such a good meal there last time at a very reasonable price.. It was then on to catch up with those films and this time we went and saw 'Focus' ....

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Chas and Ann said...

Good to see your smiling faces getting on with life.
Was that a good film to watch?