Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eclipsed on the move

We were up early again this morning as we wanted to see the eclipse on the move.. It was a beautiful morning  and the sun was just breaking through the fog..
We got out to bridge 103 and the eclipse had started so we just turned off the engine in the middle of nowhere and watched and listened..
It was amazing as the light changed and the fog started to appear again.. It also got a lot colder and we had to put our coats back on.. The birds started to sing like it was a dawn chorus and it felt so quiet like it was very early morning.. It was a lovely experience..
We carried on to Braunston and then headed to the marina for a pump out which we required..
They have had a new one fitted and the suction is fantastic if you want a clean tank.. The price has gone up from £12.00 to £15.00 but worth it..
We then turned and moored up right outside The Boatman pub where we planned to have lunch..
We noticed Keith and Ann on n.b Oakfield and asked if they could join us for a catch up.. We met in the pub at 12.30pm and sat outside in the sunshine before we went inside to eat.. We had a lovely time together finding out how winter had been this year on the cut and also going over our issues..
We didn't want to stay outside the pub overnight so we left Keith and Ann at 5.45pm..  Thanks guys for a great time..
We carried on towards Rugby and after an hour we moored up on another of our favourite moorings at Onely.. On the way we were watched by the lambs and the goats..
We set up the telly and settled down for the night with some wine and nibbles.. It was another super day for us both on the boat we love...

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