Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our return Cruise

We had a bit of a lay in and then set off at 10.30am from Onley.. It was a nice slow cruise and two boats were in front of us.. We got to Hillmorton Locks and one boat had turned, the other guy was a single hander and we helped him down.. We passed this guy going well up the towpath and it made us smile..
We soon got to the bottom lock and it was steady cruising again onto Clifton and Brownsover which we've got to say was very quiet..
 In fact we didn't even see any other boats out and about which made it easy for us..
We pulled into the marina and in a tricky wind managed to get Derwent6 onto the pontoon.. After an hour tiding up and getting our stuff off we set off for Kent..
It had been a lovely few days together taking Derwent6 out and blowing off the cobwebs.. We are so looking forward to the next one..


Stuart said...

Good luck in Kent, by come back soon!

Anonymous said...

We wish you well. We're going through a similar period, but hope to finally be back on board next week. The joy is that the canals will still be there waiting for us, and eventually for you.
All the best
Rog and Jane
nb Paneke

Chas and Ann said...

Just wondered if you will be able to get to the Cropredy Festival this year? We hope to be on the boat in the marina.
Regards Chas n Ann

Stuart said...

I hope all is well with u both?

Unknown said...

Hi Del & Al
Where are you both not seen a post on your blog for ages! Hope all is well with you both
Ann & Kev

Stuart said...

Merry Christmas to you both

Stuart said...

AVHNY to you all, really hope all is well and maybe you will be back on the cut this year?