Saturday, March 21, 2015

Back on the cut

Well Del has stayed on Derwent6 since Al was last up and done a few jobs and kept the boat cosy...
Al came back on yesterday and arrived back on Derwent6 at lunchtime..
We were so hungry to cruise we were out of the marina like a shot..
We travelled along to the Brownsover moorings as we needed to stock up on some food at Tesco's and also we could watch the football in the pub..
We went down there at 6.30pm and ordered our starters with a couple of drinks.. We ordered main course just before the football and watched the first half.. At half time we didn't know, but there was a music bingo where you had to get the track on your bingo card and all the money went to charity. It turned out to be really good fun and we ended up winning a bottle of wine and an Easter egg.....
This did cause us a problem as we couldn't walk into Tesco's holding these items, so our shopping would have to wait till the morning... It was lovely to put both our heads down together and get a good nights sleep.. 

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