Friday, August 17, 2012

Bike Repaired at Goring

We were waiting at Goring for Del's bike to be completed by the bike shop in the village, so we planned to stay on the twenty four hour moorings as long as we could. We then had a horrendous thunderstorm which flashed and banged around us but this spider had managed to make it's web in the dry. We got a call from the shop letting us know the bike would be ready at 3.00pm. The rain had just stopped by then and we walked up to get it. The bike had to have a new chain and sprockets which were worn right out, new brakes and puntureless tyres were also fitted. We then made our move to get back to Beale park. The weather held off and by the time we had moored up the sun was back out. We chilled in front of the telly in the evening.

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