Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Long Long Day

We were up early as we wanted to get going today, so we ended up pulling the pins at 8.10am and Thomas got us to the first lock where we thought we would fill with water before the weekend rush.. We don't normally move weekends but we thought it would be good for Thomas to see all the activity going on. After getting water we soon made our way through Reading and you could see what was happening at the Reading Festival at the end of the month, and how good it looks... After getting past Sonning and Shiplake we pushed on to Henley, where we had a hours wait to get through the lock. This is because Henley is the home (this weekend) to the Rewind festival, a festival with all 80's bands. It looked great fun and is something we need to do in the future. It was heaving and loads of boats had booked a spot to listen to the music, some had even anchored in the middle of the Thames.......a good idea we thought. It is so retro here with everyone dressed in 80's gear and camper vans everywhere you look, this middle van is actually a tent. To moor up it was twenty pounds a metre, and with Derwent6 at 21 metres, they don't want narrowboats to moor there.. So we pushed on a bit further and got to Hurley where they had a Regatta on. We had to wait for one of the races to finish and it was getting a bit late to moor somewhere as all the moorings had been taken. We had been travelling twelve hours and gone through Marlow. It was so late that the lock keepers had finished and Thomas was doing the locks for us. We were nearly at Maidenhead before we manage to squeeze into a spot under the trees at 8.15pm.....too late for even a BBQ. We still had our burgers and salad late into the warm evening air, but we were exhausted, and in bed by 10.00pm.

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Anonymous said...

Yhomas looks like he is having a great time,love to you all Nanny Terryxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx