Saturday, May 19, 2012

That Suck's

We got up early as we decided to move along to Rugby and pick up some shopping. As we went past Clifton Cruisers we saw the notice that it was for sale.
It is such a shame to see that these boatyards are struggling so much. As we pulled into Rugby we noticed a spot just in front of Gary and Beryl on n.b.The Answer.
We moored up and walked over for a chat. Gary was having his breakfast and as Del shook his hand he dropped his silver spoon into the cut. We had a go at finding it but it was lost in the mud forever! We did some shopping and picked up our new Dyson vacuum cleaner. We had a cleaner on board but it never had enough suction and with the dust you get on a narrowboat you need suction. Al managed to buy it with our Tesco club card points, which were double value on electrical goods, so it ended up costing us just £9.99. We are so pleased with it and what dirt it pulled from the carpet, and it's so small it fits on an A4 piece of paper......made to measure for our cupboard.
We said our goodbyes to Gary and Beryl and then moved back onto their spot, as we were close to the bend. It is really busy here and there are no spots left this evening. Del then went on the hunt for some more wood and found some not too far away. We had so many plans for today like top up with water and do a manual pumpout but didn't do any of it. Oh well that's boating!!!


Lisa said...

That is a great little one, which model is it? Looking forward to meeting you soonish again,
Love Lisa

Carol said...

Hi there, I also purchased that particular model of Dyson but couldn't 'get-on' with it at all. It's now in storage and I've purchased an Orek instead - much better I thought.

Del and Al said...

Hi Lisa, it's a Dyson City DC26, and it's great. Hope to see you soon x

Del and Al said...

Hi Carol, that's a shame, I think you either like Dyson's or not. Glad you're happy with your Orek. If I'd known I could have bought it off you, but there again I don't think you'd have wanted my Tesco vouchers in payment lol x