Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moving for water

As you may have gathered we are taking a bit of a break from the blog as we haven't been moving as much as we normally do as we always seem to have appointments at the moment. I suppose you could say we have been feeling a bit like this.
But we had to move this morning, we needed water and also a change of scenery. We set off early today as we wanted to miss the traffic and we wanted to see the Grand Prix at lunchtime.
It was busy here yesterday and we thought we might be queuing at the locks so it was a 7.30am start. We had only got going for half an hour before we spotted some wood, so we loaded up the roof with a few bits. It was such a nice day it was right to be cruising, the wind had dropped and the sun was strong.
We crept up to the locks and saw the lock keeper walking up to us,."Where is everyone" he said, "behind us" we answered.
We got through very easily and managed to get on the water point at the bottom. There was someone else on there, so it made it very slow filling, in fact we was on there for well over a hour. It was a opportunity to have some breakfast and get rid of the rubbish and things.
By this time it was getting close to lunchtime so we moored up a bit further along and quickly set up the satellite. As we sat down the race started. It was clouding up and the wind had picked up a bit but it was still warm. After the race we caught up on a few things, as we have a better Internet signal here. Del also wanted to clean the chimney, but he managed to tread on the rain hat for the chimney, so it looks a bit bent now. After a nice dinner we chilled in front of the telly recharging the batteries, and hopefully just like these fellows, we have a new lease of life.

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